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Rhetoric Boys Basketball


Overall: 8-5  District: 3-1  Home: 4-2  Away: 1-1  Neutral: 3-2

All home games are at Evangel Christian Academy (4501 Montgomery Blvd. NE)

11/29/22 7:00PM

12/01/22 3:00PM

12/02/22 3:00PM

12/03/22 1:00PM

12/13/22 6:00PM

12/16/22 3:00PM

12/17/22 4:00PM

01/03/23 5:30PM

01/10/23 7:00PM

01/12/23 7:00PM

01/14/23 3:30PM

01/17/23 7:00PM

01/19/23 7:00PM

01/21/23 3:30PM

01/24/23 7:00PM

01/26/23 7:00PM

01/28/23 3:30PM

01/31/23 6:30PM

02/02/23 7:00PM

02/06/23 6:30PM

02/07/23 7:00PM

02/09/23 7:00PM

02/11/23 3:30PM

02/14/23 7:00PM

02/17/23 7:00PM

At McCurdy High School

Vs. Tohatchi High School"

Vs. Mancos High School (CO)"

Vs. Zuni High School"

Vs. Alamo Navajo High School

Vs. Roy/Mosquero High School"

Vs. Maxwell High School"

Vs. Native American Community Academy

Vs. Coronado High School*

Vs. Legacy Academy*

Vs. Springer High School

At New Mexico School for the Deaf*

At Chesterton Academy* (at Evangel Christian)

At Springer High School (Postponed TBD)

Vs. Jemez Valley High School*

Vs. Walatowa Charter High School*

At Santa Fe Waldorf School*

At Coronado High School*

At Legacy Academy*

At Tse Yi Gai High School

Vs. New Mexico School for the Deaf*

Vs. Chesterton Academy*

At Jemez Valley High School*

At Walatowa Charter High School*

Vs. Santa Fe Waldorf School*

L 60-52

L 78-27

W 62-59

W 63-57

L 58-55

W 63-53

L 72-58

W 64-27

W 80-34

L 65-47

W 71-58

W 79-36

W 70-30

*District Opponent   ^State Tournament Game  "Neutral Tournament Game  ``District Tournament Game

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