Overall: 0-0  District: 0-0  Home: 0-0  Away: 0-0

08/23/22 4:30PM

08/25/22 7:00PM

08/30/22 5:30PM

09/01/22 5:00PM

09/06/22 7:00PM

09/09/22 TBD

09/10/22 9:00AM

09/10/22 3:00PM

09/27/22 5:00PM

09/29/22 5:00PM

10/01/22 2:00PM

10/04/22 TBD

10/11/22 5:00PM

10/14/22 5:00PM

10/15/22 5:00PM

10/18/22 5:00PM

10/20/22 5:00PM

10/22/22 TBD

10/25/22 5:30PM

10/28/22 5:00PM

11/01/22 5:00PM

11/03/22 6:00PM

11/05/22 2:00PM

At Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School

At Bosque School

At Cuba High School

Vs. Santa Fe Preparatory School

At Thoreau High School

Vs. Rehoboth Christian School"

(At Menaul School)

Vs. Maxwell High School"

(At Evangel Christian)

Vs. Roy/Mosquero High School"

(At Menaul School)

At New Mexico School for the Deaf*

Vs. Legacy Academy*

Vs. San Jon High School

Vs. Walatowa Charter High School*

At Coronado High School*

Vs. Jemez Valley High School*

At Chesterton Academy*

Vs. New Mexico School for the Deaf*

At Legacy Academy*

At Walatowa Charter High School*

At Santa Fe Waldorf School*

Vs. Chesterton Academy*

Vs. Coronado High School*

At Jemez Valley High School*

Vs. Santa Fe Waldorf School*


*District Opponent   ^State Tournament Game  "Neutral Tournament Game